The telecommunications industry includes network operators, providers of telecommunication services and telecommunication equipment manufacturers. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, all large and numerous regionally operating network operators and providers of telecommunication services are represented. In addition, innovative telecommunication equipment manufacturers have their headquarters in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The universities of the state with their research activities make an important contribution to the development of the communication infrastructure in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Telecommunication in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Communication services are increasingly gaining in importance. Even the everyday life is becoming increasingly mobile and networked. Industrial companies and other service providers are increasingly integrating communication components in their products or use them to control their processes. Mobile Internet access, the parallel use of different media, motion pictures on the internet and cloud computing are the trends that will drive the development of the industry in the upcoming years.

A major challenge for companies in the telecommunications industry is coping with the rapidly growing data traffic over networks. Thus, estimated by the Federal Network Agency the traffic carried on broadband connections increased to around 4.3 billion GB in 2012. In the wireless networks around 140 million GB were transferred in the same period. The infrastructure development therefore has a high priority to all network operators. Large corporations, regional providers and cable operators invest significantly in the development of high-speed networks. Mobile network operators modernize their networks and equip them rapidly with the powerful LTE technology. Due to the high investment costs for broadband expansion intra-industry cooperation and collaboration with the energy industry are becoming increasingly important.

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