Quality Indicators

The quality label "Cluster of Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg" includes a total of 34 quality indicators in four different categories. The indicators are harmonised with the quality criteria of the "European Cluster Excellence Initiative" and adapted to the conditions in Baden-Württemberg. The structure, processes, activities and strategies of regional cluster initiatives and countrywide networks are examined and evaluated.

The quality label Cluster of Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Wuerttemberg's stated aim with regard to its cluster policy is to help the cluster and network management organizations enhance their level of professionalization and improve their quality. The Quality label "Cluster Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg" provides the possibility for cluster initiatives and networks at federal state level to review their quality, to continuously improve their performance and to have their excellence certified.

The quality label is made up by a set of 34 quality indicators representing the categories "structures", "processes", "activities" and "strategies" used to measure the various aspects of cluster and network management organizations. The quality indicators have been defined according to a practical relevance and are based on the results of the "European Cluster Excellence Initiative" supported by the European Commission.

Each quality indicator is assigned a specific threshold value that has to be achieved in order to prove the respective value of excellence for each indicator. The quality label "Cluster Excellence Baden Wuerttemberg" may be awarded if certain minimum criteria are fulfilled and if at least 80 % of the maximum number of the possible "Cluster Management Excellence Score" points are reached.

Two independent cluster experts verify in an on-site assessment at the respective management organisation or at the office of the cluster initiative/network at federal state level whether the applicant complies with the given quality indicators. For this evaluation, relevant strategy papers, records and other documents are reviewed.


Deviating from the initial assessment the assessment for the recertification is carried out in the following manner: The evaluation shall be conducted in one day by two reviewers and contains in addition to the re-assessment of the quality criteria with special attention to the question whether a viable business model exists within the cluster initiative or statewide network, in particular the verification, whether the Advisory Committee's recommendations under the initial assignment of the quality label have been implemented by the cluster initiative or statewide network.