Self-Learning Tool and Self-Test

With the self-learning tool and the self-test, managers of regional cluster initiatives and countrywide networks can examine individually and free of charge, to what extent the criteria of the quality label "Cluster Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg" are already fulfilled. In addition to the degree of fulfillment of each quality indicator potentials for improvement and measures for further professionalization are exposed.

Self-Learning Tool and Self-Test

The self-learning tool and the self-test are two instruments used in the labelling process. By the help of these tools, managers of regional cluster initiatives or networks at federal state level have the possibility to check individually and for free whether their organizations are already in compliance with the requirements of the quality label "Cluster Excellence Baden-Wuerttemberg".

Self-learning tool

The use of the self-learning tool constitutes the first step in the labelling process. Based on a self-disclosure, the cluster or network management can be examined for compliance with the quality criteria in an individual analysis.

As a result of the review, each cluster initiative or network will receive standardized recommendations and instructions presenting options for improvement and guidelines on how to achieve the required quality standards, so far the criteria are not yet met.

The self-learning tool can be used, regardless of whether or not an evaluation request has been submitted. A registration is not required.


Having submitted the evaluation request to VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, the self-test is an obligatory element of the labelling process. The access information is likewise provided to the cluster and network managers by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. The self-test can be conducted free of charge.

The self-test is used to find out whether the applicant does principally meet the minimum criteria and standards required.

Only after successful completion of the self-test, the fee-based evaluation will be carried out. In this way, regional cluster initiatives and networks at federal state level that cannot expect to get a positive assessment and to be awarded the quality label according to the results of the self-test will not be debited with cost.

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