Objective of the ClusterAgentur

As a new instrument of cluster policy, the ClusterAgentur aims to increase the efficiency of Baden-Wuerttemberg's cluster managements.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, there are a considerable number of well-established clusters and networks. Practical experience in Europe has shown that those cluster and network initiatives providing needs-based and targeted support are precisely the kind of networks that are able to create concrete added value to their members. It is therefore essential to establish a close relationship between the cluster management organisations and the respective member companies. This in turn calls for a high level of professionalization and individual, demand-oriented services on the part of the cluster and network managements. A good example for such practice are the cluster managements in Baden-Wuerttemberg that have been certified with the Cluster Excellence Label. The past efforts of implementing common cluster and network strategies have particularly contributed to the creation of substantial added value for the benefit of their members.

It can be seen at national and international level that, apart from a monetary (start-up) aid, cluster and network managements are profiting from additional coaching and training measures. Hence, the ClusterAgentur constitutes a new, important cluster policy instrument assisting the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing in view of their mission to sustainably increase the effectiveness and efficiency of regional cluster initiatives and networks in Baden-Wuerttemberg.