Service Portfolio

The ClusterAgentur Baden-Wuerttemberg offers a broad range of services to the cluster initiatives and regional networks. A core strategic element in this regard is the tailor-made support provided to the cluster management organisations. They should hence be enabled to offer their members, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, more effective and efficient services than hitherto.

The service portfolio of the ClusterAgentur is wide-ranging and aligned with the needs of the cluster initiatives. The core business is the provision of relevant services in the overall context of the issue "Professional Cluster Managements and/or new Services". These include inter alia: 

  • Development of a common cluster strategy
  • Elaboration of Roadmappings or Inno-Labs 
  • Development of a joint communication concept 
  • Support services in the area of technology transfer 
  • Assistance with regard to the generation of innovation
  • Consulting in the process of internationalization
  • Implementation of joint pilot projects

Based on individual analyses and consultations by the ClusterAgentur, the cluster and network managements are given the necessary competence to offer their members relevant solutions that are even more customized than hitherto.

At the same time, the ClusterAgentur acts as a service provider for the Ministry of Finance and Economy and carries out a variety of ministerial tasks.