Goals of the RegioClusterAgentur BW

As a new instrument of regional innovation policy, the RegioClusterAgentur aims to increase the performance of cluster management and business development in Baden-Württemberg and to build a sustainable regional architecture for a successful innovation system to cope with transformation challenges and structural change.

The RegioClusterAgentur for Innovation and Transformation in Baden-Württemberg (RCA BW) pursues the goal of making Baden-Württemberg fit for the future with the help of strong regions. In doing so, existing regional competencies and structures are to be meaningfully interlinked with the opportunities and risks of external influencing factors - technological, economic, social and political - in order to initiate transformation processes. To this end, the RCA BW offers its services to cluster initiatives, business development agencies and other innovation drivers, enabling them to respond to transformation challenges in a needs-based manner and thus find answers to the ongoing structural change.

To achieve this goal, the transformation processes are measured together with regional innovation actors under the motto analyse, coordinate, implement, knowledge about them is disseminated transparently and the actors are brought together to form so-called transformation partnerships. In this way, transformative innovation activities in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also to be increased.

In addition, the RCA BW works closely with the regional intermediaries in order to actively address the associated, necessary needs for change.

The RCA BW is the point of contact for cluster initiatives, business development agencies and regional innovation systems when it comes to managing transformation processes and is thus an important cluster and innovation policy instrument on the part of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism to sustainably increase the effectiveness and performance of cluster initiatives and business development agencies as well as regional innovation systems in Baden-Württemberg.

Contact person
RegioClusterAgentur for Innovation and Transformation in Baden-Württemberg
Dr.-Ing. Gerd Meier zu Köcker
Marienstraße 23
70178 Stuttgart
+ 49 711 658 355-0