Cluster policy Baden-Wuerttemberg

Cluster policy in Baden-Wuerttemberg aims to be a starting point to establish sustainable and self-supporting structures. Moreover, it supports the actors of the cluster with services that match their needs concerning processes of development and professionalization. Therefore, all cluster policy actions are systematically adapted to one another. The cluster strategy of Baden-Wuerttemberg is characterised by a strong dialogue orientation, a bottom-up approach and the active integration of all involved cluster actors. 

Cluster strategy in Baden-Wuerttemberg: Different instruments for an effective cluster development

The state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg systematically supports the (further) development of clusters, cluster initiative and the federal state's networks of regional, national and international visibility. Numerous cluster initiatives have already been awarded for winning national and regional competitions.

This is an undisputable proof of the success and the effectiveness of the cluster policy measures undertaken hitherto. Cluster policy is a central element of the federal state's innovation policy aiming to strengthen the innovation capacity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies.

Over the past years, a rich and well-balanced cluster landscape has developed in Baden-Wuerttemberg. A large number of companies, research institutes and universities are integrated in regional cluster-initiatives and networks at federal state level. The players of these cluster initiatives and networks are characterized by an intense and effective interaction.

The cluster participants are promoted by a variety of measures and activities. These include:

  • Foundation of the ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg
  • Financial support for innovative projects of the cluster initiatives
  • Promotion of the cluster initiatives' internationalisation
  • Organization of cluster events at federal state and regional level
  • Studies on cluster-related issues
  • Qualification offers for cluster managements
  • Transparency and information

In addition to the further development of the operational measures of the cluster policy and the establishment of new subjects such as industry 4.0 or digitalization into the activities of the cluster managements, the cluster policy should be evolved strategically. The aim will be to develop the cluster policy into a regional innovation policy.

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