Over the past years, a large number of cluster-related publications have been issued, ranging from descriptions about the development and professionalization of cluster structures as well as of cluster management organizations and new management instruments over portrayals of clusters, cluster initiatives and networks to presentations of cluster policy measures - all described in a scientifically founded and practice-oriented way.

Cluster policy and cluster political measures
In addition to publications on cluster policy programs of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Government and the European Union, in the publications section "cluster policy and cluster policies" can be found further studies and contributions to the conceptual foundations of cluster policy, political position papers as well as comparisons of policy approaches and funding programs. Furthermore, in this area supplementary information material on topics such as innovation and competitiveness can be found, as well as regional and economic promotion. Publications

Cluster, cluster initiatives and networks
In the publication area "clusters, cluster initiatives and networks" bundled information about clusters, cluster initiatives and statewide networks of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe are provided. Furthermore, in this area analysis of international cluster regions and evaluation of cluster-related industries- and technology field-investigations can be found. Publications

Establishment and development of cluster management organizations
In the publications area "Establishment and development of cluster management organizations" publications on theoretical and practical foundations for a long-term development, development and professionalization of cluster management organizations are filed. In addition, publications on new management tools and fields of action for cluster and network management are offered and there are comparative cluster studies and best practice examples available for download. Publications

Evaluation, analysis and impact assessment

The rubric "evaluation, analysis and impact assessment" contains basic publications on tools, methods and criteria for evaluation, benchmarking and impact assessment of clusters, cluster initiatives and statewide networks. Moreover, evaluation and benchmarking reports on initiatives, cluster and innovation policy and regional, national and international cluster-related effect assessments are available. Publications